Design Your Custom Tie Boxes that would provide tough competition to the market


As you know, wearing a tie is the most suitable and professional dress for the occasion. Not only are that ties also a part of the uniform dress of men as well as women. If you say that tie is the dress of professionals, that is not false. There is a variety of designs for ties available in the market, and customers are loved to wear ties on many occasions like marriages, birthdays or meetings, or any other events. You also observe that wearing a tie falls in the category of formal dressing.

So for the professional dressing, there should also be professional packaging that can attract customers. For this purpose, custom tie boxes have used boxes that provide a new look to your product and enhance its beauty. Customization can give you the opportunity to design your custom tie boxes. Following are some points that can help you in designing your boxes.

Design Your Custom Tie Boxes that would provide tough competition to the market
Design Your Custom Tie Boxes that would provide tough competition to the market

Analyze Your Competitors

In order to engage more customers with your product, you need to observe your competitors and how your competitor is meeting the needs of the customers. Observe them and try to make a more beneficial strategy that can help you in engaging the customers. The best way to engage the customers is the use of custom tie boxes. Use better designs and boxes from your competitors for the packaging of your ties because your printed packaging will make a good impression on the customer’s mind. This will develop the trust of the customers in your brand, and you can compete with your competitors.

Make your Tie Boxes Bolder Through Different Printings

There are different printing techniques used to give a different look to your boxes. Printing has the capability to give a new look to your boxes and make them attractive. There are the following three printing that is commonly used for the custom tie boxes.

  • Screen Printing: these printings are performed through the screens. In this printing technique, different screens are used to make a perfect print on the boxes. In the process of printing, inks are forced on the screen that makes a print on the boxes.
  • Rotary Printing: Screen printing is a slow process, so to speed up this printing, automatic or manual rotary printing machines are used. In this way, rollers are used in the printing process. These rollers increase productivity and also make the more prominent print as compared to screen printing.
  • Digital Printing: In the modern era, digital printing is the modern step in the printing industry. In digital printing, special spray paints have been used that print the three-dimensional prints on the boxes and make them too much attractive.
  • Flexible Printing: Flexible printing is also known as flexo printing. This is most commonly used in printing on the boxes as well as the packaging. The best property of flexo printing is that it can easily print on flexible surfaces without giving any damage to the product and packaging.

Use Different and Unique Styles of Custom Tie Boxes

There are many styles of Custom Tie Boxes that you can use for custom tie boxes. Your packaging boxes play an essential role in engaging the customers. Because your packaging is the way to communicate with your customers. Not only that, but your packaging also showed the worth of your brand in front of the customers. In the customization, you can also use your custom boxes for the promotion by printing the logo and company on the boxes.

Following are some attractive boxes that can help you in many ways, like giving your product a:

  • Protection
  • Professional look
  • Give your product a new look
  • Develop the customer’s trust and many more.

Sleeve Boxes: Sleeve boxes are the most commonly used packaging boxes for many purposes. These boxes have one drawer and one cover. In the drawer, you can place your tie and cover it with a sleeve cover. In addition, there is also a ribbon is attached to the drawer that acts as a handle to pull out the drawer.

Two-Piece Boxes: Two pieces boxes are also a good idea for the necktie packaging. These boxes consist of two pieces one is a cap, and the other is the bottom. These boxes can be sized in square, rectangular, or many different shapes according to your need to make your necktie boxes more special for your customers.

Folding Boxes with Magnetic or without Magnetic Lid

Folding boxes is also the best option, and many tie companies are using these boxes. These boxes have the folding cap itself attached to the boxes. There is also a choice for a magnetic lid that can enhance the look of your custom tie boxes. This lid will keep the attached box cap not to opening itself and provide protection to your necktie.

Use Add-Ons to Make your Custom Tie Boxes More Captivating

Add-ons are the additional things or coating that can enhance the look of your boxes and make them professional. Add ons not only exaggerate the outlook of the packaging, but they can also increase the strength of the boxes. Following are some add-one that you can use for the custom tie boxes.

Foiling: Foiling on the custom tie boxes can make them brighter as compared to your competitors’ packaging boxes. This is a great idea to print the brand’s logo and name the custom tie boxes. That makes the box professional and makes the customers trust your brand.

Coatings: Coating can increase the strength of your boxes and give a new look to them. There are different coatings like glossy and matte. The glossy coating gives a shiny look to your custom tie boxes. Rather than this, the matte look gives a smooth look to your boxes. The foiling with the matte coating is the best combination to make your boxes professional.

Partition inside the Necktie Boxes: As you know, to attract the customers, there is also a handkerchief, and a tie pin is used. Use the partitions and give your customers an overall packaging of the tie with the additional things, which can attract the customers and make them interested in your tie and tie packaging.


Make your custom tie boxes smart and make them creative by using different designs and styles. Your box creativity directly depends upon your sales. So if you make your boxes creative, it will boost your sales.


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