Tips to overcome depression and anxiety


Ayurveda, which is India’s traditional healthcare system deals not only with body-related issues but also cures mind-related (psychological) issues. Therefore, it has a great potential to provide solutions to some of the most common psychological problems globally. We all know that depression and anxiety are on the rise across the globe and are only increasing day by day. That is why it is necessary to address this problem.

Tips to overcome depression and anxiety
Tips to overcome depression and anxiety

A feeling of restlessness, feeling overstressed, overworked, and miserable sometimes is normal, but, if this happens quite frequently it can adversely affect one’s life.

Protracted stress may cause anxiety. It can also cause a sleeping disorder and lead to various other diseases/disorders.

Ayurveda provides natural remedies without any side effects to combat depression and anxiety. The natural remedies used in Ayurveda also have additional benefits which make life better for the person suffering from anxiety and depression. Ayurvedic treatment aids in the cure of sleep deprivation, problems of the gastrointestinal tract, mood swings, etc.

These days people on social media use the word “depressed” whenever they feel a little sad but that is wrong. Feeling sad sometimes is fine and “depression” is a real psychological problem. So, what do depression and anxiety really mean?

The clinical definition of depression is- “a mental health disorder which is characterized by persistently depressed mood or loss of interest in activities, that causes a significant impairment in daily life.”

The clinical definition of anxiety is- “an intense, excessive and persistent worry about everyday situations and the future.”

What are the types and causes?

There are 3 types of depression as per Ayurveda depending on the kind of dosha in your body.

  1. Pitta type depression
  2. Vata type depression
  3. Kapha/Kafa type depression

Pitta type depression

Pitta dosha (acidity) in your body causes pitta type of depression. This type disturbs the mental balance of the person.


It is caused due to the person being disappointed with themselves for things like losing a loved one, getting fired, etc.


Self-criticism (towards self and others), getting irritated easily, the unnecessary accusations of others or themselves for petty things, feeling like a failure or a “loser”, uncontrollable anger, outrageous and aggressive behavior, guilt, hiding feelings from people, and suicidal thoughts.

Tips to overcome it

Decreasing the pitta in your body will help to combat this type of depression which is possible by engaging in relaxing techniques including breathing exercises, yoga, meditation, etc. Yet another way of doing so would be to avoid excessively hot and zesty food and switch to drier and cooler options like oats, potatoes, beans, and vegetables.

Vata type depression

Vata-type depression can happen to you if you have a lot of gas in your body.


This kind of disorder can be caused due to trauma or loss.


Crying even at the slightest inconvenience, being unable to sleep at night, hearing noises, mood swings, restlessness, loss of appetite, drastically reducing weight, pain in the joints, headaches, talking too much are all symptoms of this disorder.

Tips to overcome it

Avoid too much soda, stay away from food that has astringent or harsh taste and go for cooked food that is a combination of sweet, salty and sour. Also avoid changing your food routine too often.

Kapha/kafa type of depression

The imbalance of cough in your body causes this kind of depression.


Improper diet, lack of exercise, change in the climate, etc.


Sluggish feeling, dullness, apathy, avoiding talking about anything, overeating and oversleeping (as a coping mechanism), feeling weak to even stand/walk or talk, having a negative outlook on everything, sudden gain in weight, etc.

Tips to overcome it

The Kapha in your body needs to be calmed which can be done by staying away from food that is too sweet, too salty, or too sour. Go for food with a bitter, pungent or astringent taste to combat Kapha type of depression. Avoid heavy foods that can cause lethargy. Plan your meals and savor at least three proper meals every day without munching on anything in between your meals (unless you suffer from diabetes which demands eating every 2 hours).

But what can you do if you don’t know the type of your depression? Then your symptoms could simply be due to a lack of energy! You can easily overcome such a kind of depression by using Ayurvedic energy boosting capsules containing Shilajeet and saffron.


You can now start your healing journey by following these simple Ayurvedic tips. Please note that if your symptoms are mild then you can follow the advice given here, however, if your symptoms are persistent then please consult an Ayurvedic doctor and discuss your problems with them. Remember that Ayurveda can also be used in combination with other types of treatments.


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